Do you need help with a new project or continue developing an existing one? I'd like to help!

Currently active as developer for
Ginger Payments

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My specializations


Currently I'm highly experienced with Python and PHP but quickly learn new languages along the way if necessary. Some other languages that I've used in the past: Javascript, TypeScript, Powershell and C#.


Working with existing code can be challenging. I'm capable of refactoring existing code, ensuring it's behaviour doesn't change while bringing it to the latest standards.


Provisioning tools like Ansible and Terraform are the tools I like to use to manage infrastructures. It prevents unexpected differences between environments, reduces (easily forgotten) manual processes and knowlegde is spread easily.

Code quality

When writing code I like it to be self-explanatory, easily understood and easy to change. Next to that, I make sure the code is tested and I leave the code cleaner than when I found it (boyscout rule).
Nice to meet you!

I'm Ben...

A freelance developer who turned my hobby into my fulltime job. Since 2017 I started as a freelance developer helping companies develop their applications or speeding up their team. 

I like being in a team of multiple developers, working on complex challenges and try to deliver the best possible result in the available time. I'm a pragmatic, assertive and straightforward person and will tell my honest opinion while respecting everyone else's.

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